About us

ECOMMTALKS is an active community of eCommerce leaders, top experts from around the globe, who collaborate and stand together for shared objectives. The community is a great place for sharing and receiving knowledge, experience and industry trends. Numerous networking possibilities within the ECOMMTALKS community help entrepreneurs to build a brighter future together! 

ECOMMTALKS is a project powered by fintech company ECOMMPAY. 
In 2019, the invite-only conference took place in Riga, Latvia and gathered 400+ attendees and more than 15 fintech, eCommerce and IT expert speakers. 

When physical events were affected by something that starts with ā€œCā€ and ends with ā€œ19ā€, we still wanted to gather the ones that wish to share knowledge and the ones that are ready to receive them. The ECOMMTALKS Academy was born, a platform with video content - educational and motivational speeches from leading experts in fields of fintech, payments, eCommerce, regtech, security, IT, business growth and many many more! 

Membership in the ECOMMTALKS community is a chance to grow your business and help others, because, after all:

"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is a success. "
~ Henry Ford

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