Increasing confidence in dealing with difficult people

Rob Thompson is a TEDx and keynote speaker who speaks at conferences all over Europe. Rob founded RTTA to bring his model on interpersonal interactions to a wider audience. With the help of RTTA’s clientele of Europe’s top academics, he has perfected this approach to increase the productivity of teams of high-value people. Rob teaches people how to deal with difficult people. Read a script of Rob’s speech “Increasing confidence in dealing with difficult people” for the ECOMMTALKS Academy. 
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Interview with Jurijs Rapoports, Sensora - Co-Founder

Six simple, yet very important questions to one of our community members Jurijs Rapoports (Sensora - Co-Founder / Cyber Security advisor). Jurijs is a high class professional with 15+ years of technical and management experience. He has created a blended methodology to assess, implement, and manage information security realistically and effectively which make him a rare combination of deep engineering background, team leadership, and proactive sales skills. 
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How to Create a Winning Corporate Culture

Anastasia Zencika, the Head of Global Marketing and Culture at ECOMMPAY and core organiser at ECOMMTALKS with the talk How to Create a Winning Corporate Culture. 
We all know people who hate their jobs, they complain about their colleagues, tasks, boss. Most people feel happy at work because of the corporate culture that surrounds them. And this culture could help you either flourish and grow and develop your business or destroy it.
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