Interview with Maksim Fillipov, VC Investor at GR Capital

1. Future predictions in your field of knowledge.

The Venture Capital industry will keep thriving thanks to the continued success of the VC-backed companies: more and more founders cash out from their businesses and start new ventures or their own funds.

2. What the community means to you – is it important or not?

Community is inevitably important. Despite modern tech being a kind of self-employed digital nomad, still, the community makes ambitious aims easier to achieve.

3. What does the world currently miss?

Easy solutions to complex problems may seem the best, but they usually are not.

4. What is your biggest global dream?

The culture of trust and win-win thinking prevails over shady people and organizations.

5. What is the wisest advice you have ever received?

"Keep things simple", i.e. don't overthink.

6. When you close your eyes and the mind wanders – how does your happy place look like?

A sailboat with my friends and family.

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