Interview with Jurijs Rapoports, Sensora - Co-Founder


Six simple, yet very important questions to one of our community members Jurijs Rapoports (Sensora - Co-Founder / Cyber Security advisor). Jurijs is a high class professional with 15+ years of technical and management experience. He has created a blended methodology to assess, implement, and manage information security realistically and effectively which make him a rare combination of deep engineering background, team leadership, and proactive sales skills. 

1. Future predictions in your field of knowledge

I think Cyberattacks are absolutely on the rise. Based on everything I know and every single expert I have spoken with, there is no doubt that attacks are increasing.

The rapidly growing increase in cyberattacks worldwide comes at a hefty cost for businesses in order to better protect their computer networks from intrusions. Cyberattacks not only are increasing in frequency, but they are costing victims larger financial losses.

It has become more than ever to start to inbuild security to products and networks from the beginning of companies lifecycle and be more attentive not only for technological problems but also for management and social aspects. 

I think security will take more social vision and actually if we will be able to create a culture of security it will be possible to get rid of some attacks.

2. What the community means to you – is it important or not?

Yes, I think it is important. it like a concentrated centre of knowledge. If you are in a Community you are able to find solutions to any problem. Community is important not only from the Business field but also from a social point of view as well. 

3. What does the world currently misses?

Well, the world always missing courageous people who are ready to change things around and move forward I think this is why there are not enough people to hire in every industry at any level. 

4. What is your biggest global dream?

That tricky question, if we are talking from a business perspective that to build an n1 product in the world, not the most popular but most needed.

5. What is the wisest advice you have ever received?

Advice from my parents - move forward and have the courage to do the right things. 

6. When you close your eyes and the mind wanders – how does your happy place look like? 

Place with my family, I think. 

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