About us

ECOMMTALKS is a project powered by fintech company ECOMMPAY. Active community of eCommerce leaders, top experts from around the globe, who collaborate and stand together for shared objectives. The community is a great place for sharing and receiving knowledge, experience and industry trends. Numerous networking possibilities within the ECOMMTALKS community help entrepreneurs to build a brighter future together. 

How to join

ECOMMTALKS team reviews every potential member individually. 

You qualify for the ECOMMTALKS community full membership if you are:

  • C-level executive, founder or decision-maker working in eCommerce, fintech, IT industries; 
  • Investor; 
  • ECOMMTALKS Academy sponsor; 
  • ECOMMTALKS Academy speaker; 

In case you qualify, please follow these steps: 

  • Fill in the application form on https://ecommtalks.academy website on the top right corner (Apply here to join the community.)
  • ECOMMTALKS team will review your application. After you submit, we review your application based on community fit and value-add. Please be informed that even if you qualify by the common rules, we leave the right not to approve you.
  • If you’re accepted, we’ll reach out with a unique registration code and instructions on how to activate your account.

Once your membership is activated, you can watch any video whenever you have time. As well as you can contact our speakers using a “built-in” concierge service.

If you do not qualify for a full ECOMMTALKS community membership, you can be granted the basic account that will give you access to selected videos only - fintech section and practical use-cases from eCommerce experts. Register here https://ecommtalks.academy/register, without using a unique code to access the basic account. 

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Community benefits

  • Unique video content from experts to experts; 
  • Trendwatching for you; 
  • Both online and offline events;
  • Networking with C-level decision-makers in fintech, eCommerce, IT and many other industries; 
  • Partnering opportunities; 
  • Possibility to promote your company and/or your brand within the community; 
  • Personal brand development; 
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