How faster payments have led to significant growth of Open Banking payments

Faster Payments allows an account holder (consumer or business customer) to make a credit transfer from within their own bank account to another account in the UK, in an instant and where the beneficiary of this payment can receive those funds instantly also. It takes as little as 2-10 seconds and you no longer have to wait “3-5 working days” for a refund to arrive in your account via the card schemes.
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Increasing confidence in dealing with difficult people

Rob Thompson is a TEDx and keynote speaker who speaks at conferences all over Europe. Rob founded RTTA to bring his model on interpersonal interactions to a wider audience. With the help of RTTA’s clientele of Europe’s top academics, he has perfected this approach to increase the productivity of teams of high-value people. Rob teaches people how to deal with difficult people. Read a script of Rob’s speech “Increasing confidence in dealing with difficult people” for the ECOMMTALKS Academy. 
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Interview with Jurijs Rapoports, Sensora - Co-Founder

Six simple, yet very important questions to one of our community members Jurijs Rapoports (Sensora - Co-Founder / Cyber Security advisor). Jurijs is a high class professional with 15+ years of technical and management experience. He has created a blended methodology to assess, implement, and manage information security realistically and effectively which make him a rare combination of deep engineering background, team leadership, and proactive sales skills. 
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How to Create a Winning Corporate Culture

Anastasia Zencika, the Head of Global Marketing and Culture at ECOMMPAY and core organiser at ECOMMTALKS with the talk How to Create a Winning Corporate Culture. 
We all know people who hate their jobs, they complain about their colleagues, tasks, boss. Most people feel happy at work because of the corporate culture that surrounds them. And this culture could help you either flourish and grow and develop your business or destroy it.
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How Ecosystem Thinking Serves the Consumer

Companies are like breathing organisms. The balance brings about the best experience for an end-user. There are 3 main strategies to make ecosystem thinking work to a company’s advantage. Each small team is like a cell. Recently, a popularized management framework is called the amoeba framework, where each small team has its own P&L and are responsible for revenue and cost. The logic is if each small team is conscious about controlling costs and increasing revenues, then the whole company would be profitable. 
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The Power of Identity

There are 7.8 billion people in the world. Of those, 1 billion lack a legally recognized form of identification. And 3.4 billion have some form of legally recognized ID but limited ability to use it on digital channels.  In other words, 13 percent of the world has no form of verifiable ID. Combine these with the 3.4 billion people without digital ID and you find that 66 percent – two-thirds – of the world population is unable to participate in digital life. 66 percent of the people in the world are excluded from the way our world works. 
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Are Tech Companies Too Large? – The Rise of Information Technology

We are in a new industrial revolution, whether you know it or not.  The experience of being involved in something that is laying the foundation for the future is exciting and terrifying at the same time.  Regardless of your beliefs, the rise of information technology, or simply “tech,” is marvellous.

Read an article by ECOMMTALKS community member Jurijs Rapoports (Sensora Co-Founder).

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Interview with Maksim Fillipov, VC Investor at GR Capital

Six simple, yet very important questions to one of our community members Maksim Fillipov, VC Investor at GR Capital. Maksim has started his career in investment banking and has managed more than 30 deals with a total value of over $500m. In 2012 he started consulting startups which led him to become a co-founder in GR Capital VC firm. He currently manages $70m in assets and leads fundraising of the next GR Capital's fund.
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Open Banking: Advanced

We are moving on in a fast-changing environment and when using online banking - trust, security and simplicity are the key factors for each person in order to use online banking. Especially, when it comes to the world of payments. The final user wants to be confident that his data won’t be stolen and payment will be completed safely. That is what Open Banking offers.
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Product Management

In the modern world, product management is becoming increasingly well-known and important. Following the pandemic crisis, staggering numbers of businesses fell under the pressure of what this devastating period did to the economy globally. Therefore, with the driving desire for growth in business, profits, and the economy, strategic approaches need to be taken to get companies back on track. Product management is a great way to do this, solidifying the success of businesses across the world and helping them attract a wider customer base. So, what is product management and why do we need it? Read on for more information!
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Real-Time Payments in Cloud to Drive Innovations

How Cloud technologies can help you to drive Real-Time Payments in Financial services. Read the script of Agneta's talk.
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